Celebrate Independence Day and Tires!

Happy Independence Day! This is the week for celebrating our nation, relaxing, and enjoying good times with family and friends. If you are looking for something fun to do this holiday weekend, and happen to have some old tires lying around, this post is for you!

Anyone who is feeling creative and loves tires as much as I do will find some fantastic project ideas in the environmentally friendly website WebEcoist’s feature on items made from old tires. As the article points out, more than 290 million tires per year end up in North American landfills. Meanwhile, people are spending top dollar on things like fashion accessories, flooring, shoes, and playground equipment. This article brings these two ideas together by showing some amazingly creative ways to turn old tires into the new items you want and need.

I just love these ideas and have started my personal project list. Hopefully some of you will find ideas here. If you have enough old tires, you might even sell some of these items and retire early!