For the Love of Tire Advertising

I was recently looking for decorating ideas and thought that as a tire lover, it would be fun to frame some vintage tire ads. I found a really cool old tire ad board on Pinterest, that was a great place to start for ideas. I was amazed to learn from the ad pictured here that there is a “puncture fiend” who is actually to blame for tire damage.

Of course looking at these ads got me thinking about tire commercials. Some of my favorites include: Karma and the Beaver and The Frightened Squirrel. Proving that humor always makes for a great tire commercial, and these international ads promoting winter tires and the need for good traction gave me a chuckle.

Then there’s the classics. This “Discount Tire” ad invites customers to feel free to make a return.  And these old commercials combine sexism and a weirdly inappropriate level of drama to stress the importance of flat tire problems and long lasting tires. But my award for the strangest tire commercial ever must go to this Nancy Sinatra tribute.

Hope you enjoyed this fun bit of tire nostalgia!