Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Many of us still have Christmas shopping to do, and time is rapidly running out! With that in mind, I am devoting this week’s post to gift ideas for the people on your list who, like me, love all things automotive!

  •  Auto Accessories  There are options to suit every taste from team logo floor mats to Hello Kitty seat covers to Yosemite Sam mud flaps.
  • Car Adapter for MP3 player  For some, singing “99 Bottles of Beer” is just not an option for passing time while on the road.  Being able to plug in and listen to an audio book or play list will be a welcomed alternative.
  • Vehicle GPS  We all know them – the folks who can’t find their way out of a paper bag. Put them on the right track with a reliable GPS. Be sure to get one with life time maps.
  •  Folding Shovel  Have any drivers in the great white north on your list? A folding shovel is a great item to keep in the trunk for emergency dig-outs.
  • Car Wash Coupons  Even those who prefer to do their own washing will appreciate having these in the winter. After all, no one wants to be caught riding dirty.
  • Digital Tire Pressure Monitor  Nothing says “I care” like a digital tire pressure monitor. Seriously, tire pressure is important for safe driving, and this is such a handy way to check it!
  • Portable Air Compressor  Not only is this a great emergency item to have in your car, a portable air compressor will be useful for filling a leaking tire until it can be fixed or even inflating a camping mattress.
  • Parking Sensors  If you buy this for a teenager who drives your car, it might be more of a gift for you. Some systems include backup radar which is an excellent safety feature. 
  • Cordless Wet/Dry Vac  For someone who has a Cheerio munching toddler or a road-trip loving dog, this will be a priceless gift. One of these makes keeping the car interior clean a whole lot easier.