Happy Thanksgiving

This being the week of Thanksgiving, most of us are busy trying to make the most of the short work week, grocery shopping, or making travel plans. In the midst of my chaotic morning, I received the following email from a friend. It was a great reminder of what makes Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend so special. What a joy to give thanks for blessings over a terrific meal, then enjoy a long weekend with family and friends doing all those things that make for special memories.

In honor of the season, I’d like to share my friend’s message with you, and wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Dear Tracy,

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the Lord willing I will go hunting in the morning for the 50th straight year. When I was a kid on the farm the Thanksgiving Day hunt was a much anticipated event. Some years my dad and uncles would participate and we would hunt the family farm which in those days was rife with small game. Other years we would head for Washington Court House to hunt pheasant on a farm owned by a friend of my parents. Other years my Uncle Clay would bring his beagles from Tennessee for a day of rabbit hunting that was exciting just watching his dogs work.

This year’s effort will probably be like last year, a pitiful ritual performed by me alone on my own farm. Last year I saw one rabbit which I took a half-hearted shot at and it left my dog Sandy so disgusted she left the hunt and returned to the house. The rest of the hunt consisted of shooting a few hedge apples and a beer can.

And yet when I’m out in the field tomorrow the memories of Thanksgivings past, the excitement of the dogs chasing game and the camaraderie of my dad and uncles will be relived and I will be thankful for another year. I hope you will enjoy your Thanksgiving Day as well – have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Roger M.