Simple Car Maintenance: Windshield Wiper Check

When your windshield wipers are worn or damaged, they will not be able to adequately clear the windshield. Windshield wipers are extremely important to ensure visibility for safe driving.

A number of factors contribute to the deterioration of your windshield wiper blades. These can include UV damage from the sun, oil from car waxes, dirt and other airborne debris, as well as salt and other contaminants in rain.

Checking your wiper blades every six months and replacing them annually is a very important part of your simple car maintenance routine.

Problems that mean your windshield wiper blades may need to be replaced include:

  • Corroded metal, particularly around the claws and joints
  • Frame is detached at any connection points or joints
  • Cracks, tears, or damage to the edge of the rubber squeegee
  • Lack of flexibility in the squeegee rubber
  • Rounding at the edges of the squeegee
  • Rubber blade is loose or not in secure in the frame

Along with inspecting your wipers, look for signs that your wipers are not working correctly:

  • Streaking on the windshield
  • Squeaking sound when in use
  • Skipping across the windshield

You can also care for your windshield wiper blades on a more frequent basis by cleaning your windshield and your wipers every time you fill your gas tank. In the winter months, clear snow and ice from your windshield before turning on your windshield wipers.