Tire Tracks – Songs about My Favorite Subject

As the world’s biggest tire fan, it won’t be surprising for my readers to learn that I love a great song about tires! One of my favorites is the Brad Paisley song, Mud on the Tires. Why do tires make a great subject for songs? Tires make us think about fun and fond memories of long drives, cruising down Main Street, or 4-wheel adventures on back roads.

For most folks, your wheels are your freedom to explore the world, and what could be better than having an awesome soundtrack to accompany you on the road? Fun songs for the open road make any trip seem just a little more exciting. After all, who doesn’t feel cooler with the top down, sunglasses on and the bass pumped?  My favorites include classics such as Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild, Gold Earring’s Radar Love, and The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues. My playlist also includes road-worthy hits such as:

  • Rascal Flatts’ (the Tom Cochrane original is also great) Life is a Highway
  • Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car
  • Bruce Springsteen’s Pick Cadillac
  • The Beach Boys’ Little Deuce Coupe
  • The Beatles’ Drive My Car
  • The Eagles’ Take it Easy
  • Wilson Pickett’s Mustang Sally
  • America’s Ventura Highway

But are there really that many songs about tires? There’s Lenny Cooper’s hit, Big Tires, as well as a few others you will find off the beaten path:

  • Bonnie Tyler’s Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts
  • Joni Mitchell’s You Dream Flat Tires
  • Medeski Martin Wood’s  Flat Tires

On the humorous side, this video interpretation of the Phish song Contact  is really a trip. And these parodies of popular songs with a tire twist had me rolling:

These last few weekends, before winter sets in, make sure you hit the road for some good times. And don’t forget your music!