7 High Speed Holiday Gift Ideas

Next week is Thanksgiving, and many will be starting their holiday shopping in full force on “Black Friday.” For those of you out there with car enthusiasts on your gift list, here are some ideas to rev up your creativity.

Kind of a Shady Gift

If you have any Star Wars fans on your list, they will appreciate having Jedi knights protect their car from sun damage while it is parked on sunny days. Those who aren’t George Lucas fans might simply prefer to keep an eye (or two) on their vehicle.

Creative Chrome

Best Mufflers lets drivers express the love they have for their vehicles with heart shaped custom chrome exhaust tips. Nothing says love like a heart-shaped exhaust cloud.

Pressure’s On

This digital tire pressure gauge from Accutire has a large, easy to read LCD display that provides pressure readings from 5-150 PSI in 0.5-pound increments. Ergonomically designed, easy to use, and accurate, this simple gift keeps on giving by extending tire life.

An Empowering Gift

A must for tailgaters and campers, this heavy-duty 12-foot extension cord plugs into the car cigarette lighter and powers  cooking appliances, coolers, heated blankets, or any 12-volt devices.

Peace of Mind

The Battery Tender Junior 12-volt/.75-amp battery charger keeps vehicle batteries optimally powered when the vehicle is not in use. The charger connects to a battery and assures the battery is ready to use when needed.

Keep it Clean

Chemical Guys Poly Clay Bar and Lubricant Detail Spray easily and safely removes stubborn contaminates that do not wash off during the normal washing process.

Here’s a Hot One

Bummed because you can’t afford to give someone you love a new car with fancy features like seat warmers? ¬†Just give ’em the seat warmers! That’s right, Grandma can have the luxury of warm bum, even in her 2000 Corolla.