Look Out for Flying Turkeys & Other Travel Tips

While some are preparing to host a Thanksgiving feast , many are planning on making a road trip so they can share the holiday with loved ones. If you are in the latter category, please make sure  you are safe and prepared. After all, depending on where you are, the Weather Channel is reporting that things could be a little dicey in some areas. Before you head out on the road this holiday, consider these tips:

Prepare your vehicle for the drive

It is a good idea to have your regular maintenance done when the seasons change, but if you haven’t done that yet, do it before you leave town. Be sure to check: battery, brakes, wipers, lights, oil, coolant, fluids, and tire pressure.

Know gas prices and plan your fuel stops

You certainly don’t want to spend all of your Black Friday shopping cash on gas. Save time and money by using a gas price app like GasBuddy to help you find good gas prices along the way.

Know where you are going and how to get there

The best way to spoil holiday fun (and possibly start a big fight with your passengers) is to get lost on the trip. Be certain that your maps are current, whether it’s updating your GPS or getting  new paper maps from AAA.

Be ready for anything on the road

Don’t let anticipation of that turkey and stuffing distract you from your scout training – be prepared! Make sure you have all of  your roadside emergency items like flares, blankets, and jumper cables – especially if you’re heading into bad weather.

Don’t let pumpkin pie become a dangerous projectile

Are you contributing to the Thanksgiving feast? You have probably decided on what you are taking, but have you thought about how? Not only do you want to avoid spills, you want to be safe. Did you know a 20 lb turkey could hit someone with 600 lbs of force if traveling in a vehicle involved in a 35 mph collision?  This blog post from cars.com has some helpful advice to make transporting food a little safer.

Whatever your plans, always be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!