Three Signs of Wheel Alignment Issues

Wheel alignment issues occur as a result of suspension and steering systems not operating at the correct angles. Misalignment is often caused by a collision or an impact, but also can be the result of suspension component wear, especially on older vehicles.

Three signs of wheel alignment issues include:

1. Uneven Tread Wear – When a vehicle is out of alignment, the tire tread will show obvious wear on one side rather than wear on both sides or in the middle.

2. Pulling to One Side – If a vehicle pulls or veers to the right or left, it is often due to misalignment. The pull does not happen when braking and tends to be consistent at certain vehicle speeds.

3. Steering Problems – When driving straight ahead, the steering wheel should be level or straight.  A change in the steering wheel position often means misalignment.

Wheel alignment issues can decrease the life of your tires by causing rapid and uneven tread wear. Properly aligned wheels optimize driving control and safety, while enhancing fuel efficiency and extending the life of your tires.

When you bring in your vehicle for wheel alignment services, your auto technician will adjust the angle of the wheels to be in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. Precision equipment is used to set the proper alignment, and your technician will make sure that all the necessary adjustments are made.

If you notice any of the signs of poor wheel alignment, or you have recently had a collision or significant impact of some kind, be sure to have an alignment check as soon as possible. Not only will you be safer on the road, but your tires will thank you!